Go One-Step Better Than Nature With Exteria Composite Home Siding Materials

Go one-step better than nature with Exteria home siding composite exteriors for your home. Experience the striking options available to inspire you and transform your home into a place even Mother Nature would like to call her own with Exteria home siding materials. Make a statement, and the neighbors jealous at the same time. It's easy with the authentic beauty of Exteria cedar and stone replica siding. Experience Exteria today!

At Exteria, we offer our services in exterior home improvement. We offer the most realistic siding materials created through a perfect imitation of the natural materials. In addition to high quality product expertise, we provide customer satisfaction. Our reputation as a top siding manufacturer is a direct result of our customer’s satisfaction.

Customize your dream home with our wide variety of products, and differentiate yourself from your neighbors. What an uninteresting world it would become if every house looked the same. At Exteria, we encourage the expression of your home’s desire through the use of Exteria siding products.

40 Years in The Industry

40 years of experience in the home improvement industry has taught us quite a bit about creating a natural looking home. Our development team is comprised of originators in the industry, many of whom have helped pioneer cedar replication. Their dedication continuously inspires us to excel. At Exteria, we are driven to provide the utmost authenticity and premium quality products available in the marketplace today.

Exteria products set the bar for industry innovation. Our current cedar process was the first to successfully imitate the life cycle of natural cedar through our Weathered Series. Our premium stone products offer natural shading, highlights and textures available only through our proprietary manufacturing processes; while our proprietary EZ locking system installs 25% faster than traditional styles. At Exteria, we know that our cost efficient and long-lasting siding materials are second to none. We offer products with natural, life-like authenticity without the expense. And our virtually maintenance-free exteriors continue the cost savings.

At Exteria, we are devoted to providing new cutting-edge composite siding products and improving our existing replica cedar siding materials. For instance, we have a new line of natural Stacked Stone cladding with our proprietary UV coating to increase longevity. Our long-lasting, eco-friendly cedar and stone replica products are made utlizing green materials and methods wherever possible, and are 100% recyclable, helping to protect our environment.

Exteria prides itself on the most realistic home siding materials available, as well as being a financially and environmentally sound choice that will bring you a lifetime of happiness.