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Company Information

I keep hearing that Exteria has made significant changes in their manufacturing process' can you elaborate on that?

Exteria's state-of-the-art facility provides for continuous research and development, and allows ongoing improvements to our products' authenticity and performance. Recent developments include significant enhancements in our manufacturing processes to provide superior protection from excessive weathering. For example, the incorporation of our proprietary coating system, which blocks harmful UV rays and adds a protective shield to the product, further increases longevity on Exteria products already known for outperforming natural cedar. As well, the conversion to a more durable coating for our Brick, Stone, RoughSawn Cedar EZ™ and Cape Cod Perfection EZ™ products has resulted in additional increased resistance to harsh conditions and fading.


I am a homeowner, how can I purchase your product?

If you are working with a contractor, your contractor can purchase the product direct from a distributor in your area. If you are doing the job yourself, there are some distributors that will sell direct to homeowners. Please log on to our website at www.exteriabp.com to obtain a list of distributors in your area.

I am a distributor, how can I purchase your product?

Depending on where you are located, you can purchase through one of our Master Distributors or you can purchase direct from Exteria. Please contact Exteria to discuss the best distribution channel for you.

When ordering my product should I insist on a single lot number?

Through modern production technology, our products are very consistent and the installation of multiple lot numbers is a non-issue.

Do you sell the light blocks/J blocks, if not where can I obtain them?

Light (Lite) blocks/J blocks are available at local home improvement stores. All local siding material supply houses also carry a large selection of these blocks. They come in many colors. Our RoughSawn Cedar EZ™ panels require a block that has a 3/4 inch cap. This is the most popular size.


I am a homeowner, how can I get samples of your product?

Obtaining samples of Exteria products is easy. You can order samples directly or search for a local distributor on our website at www.exteriabp.com. Alternatively, you can call our knowledgeable Customer Service department at 877.398.3742.

When purchasing samples, you have two choices. You may order a full panel, or a 12" cut piece. We highly recommend the full panel for our weathered series and masonry line because of the color variations through-out the panel. You will not be able to appreciate the colors in a small cut sample piece. Any samples you purchase from our website are reimbursed to you once you purchase our product. Simply send in a copy of your sample receipt along with a copy of the product receipt showing that you purchased our product to our Customer Service Department and we will forward a check to you for the amount of the samples purchased.

I am a contractor, how can I get samples of your product?

Obtaining samples of Exteria products is easy. You can search for a local distributor on our website at www.exteriabp.com or you can call our knowledgeable Customer Service department at 877.398.3742.

I am a distributor, how can I get samples of your product?

All samples for distributors are ordered through your sales representative. Please contact your Sales representative directly with your request.

Product Information

What is the product made of and how is it manufactured?

Exteria products are made of durable, high quality Polypropylene composite. We utilize an injection molding process to create Exteria panels.

How thick are the panels?

Depending on the profile, most Exteria's panels are approximately .090" ( approximately 3/32 of an inch ) thick.

Can Exteria's panels be painted?

Any Exteria product that has Exteria's proprietary coating system can be painted with any regular latex house paint. We recommend using high quality paint like a Sherwin Williams A89, A100, Bond-Plex or like competitive products.

Painting our color-through, unpainted panels is more challenging and not recommended. Painting any Exteria product will void your warranty.

Can the Vinyl products you sell ( J-Channel and Outside Corner Posts ) be painted?

Painting the vinyl products will void the manufacturer's warranty.

What is the expansion and contraction rate?

Exteria panels can expand or contract as much as 1/8" to 1/4" depending on the length of the panel. Each panel has built in expansion joints to help compensate for movement. DO NOT attempt to override these expansion joints during installation. If the panels are being installed in cooler weather ( under 60º ), allow a little extra room for expansion. Please refer to our Installation Guidelines for additional specific information.

What makes Stacked Stone Premium different from Stacked Stone Original?

The Stacked Stone Premium has an enhanced color application along with a textured surface.

Can Exteria panels be used as roofing?

Exteria panels can only be used on roofs with a slope of 45/12 or greater, typically mansard style roofs.

Do you have MSDS sheets for your products?

Yes, and can be obtained through our Customer Service Department.

What are the thermal properties of this material?

With regards to Flame Spread and Smoke Density ( how combustible our product is ), our Class rating is "C". This Class rating is based on ASTM testing under the E84 test practice. Exteria's products are not flammable.

With regards to expansion and contraction due to thermal/temperature conditions, our product has built-in mechanisms to allow a panel to expand and contract within significant temperature ranges. This condition is dependent however, on proper installation technique ( as indicated in our Installation Guidelines ) by the contractor.

Our product is a decorative cladding and not considered a water barrier or thermal insulator to the structure of the house. As with many exterior claddings, recommended building supplies, such as house wraps and fiberglass ( or foam ) insulation, must be used to achieve these goals.

Application temperature ranges from -50°F to 210°F.

Can Exteria siding be recycled?

All products manufactured by Exteria Building Products are 100% recyclable. Our products are made from mineral filled polypropylene composite and can be recycled using the recycling symbol #5. The panels should be marked accordingly with a marker if they are placed in recycling bins.

How do I clean my siding?

Exteria Building Products siding requires little maintenance, but the siding may become dirty and need to be cleaned at least every other year, preferably yearly, to remove dirt or mildew. Generally your Exteria siding can be cleaned satisfactorily with the use of an ordinary garden hose; do not power wash Exteria siding. If plain water or a light soapy solution does not remove the dirt, we suggest the following:

Gently wash siding with a soft bristle brush and water from garden hose. Where dirt is more difficult to remove, the following cleaning solutions work well:

  • 1/3 cup powdered detergent ( e.g. Tide® )
  • 2/3 cup powdered household cleaner ( e.g. Spic and Span® or equivalent )
  • 4 quarts of water

In certain geographic areas where mildew may be a problem, substitute one quart of 5% sodium hydrochloride ( e.g. Clorox ), for one quart of water in the above solution. If the structure is extremely dirty, it is recommended that you start washing from the top and work down to the bottom. Apply cleaning solution and let it stand several minutes so the dirt will loosen. The siding must be rinsed thoroughly with clear water to avoid staining and/or streaking.

CAUTION: Be sure to follow all precautions and warnings on the product label of the above referenced chemicals to prevent personal injury. Do not exceed the recommended concentrations of cleaners. Doing so can cause damage to the product's surface. Avoid skin and eye contact with the solution, and in all cases follow manufacturer's instructions for the use of cleaning compounds and solutions. Avoid use of abrasive-type cleaners and strong solvents. Test any cleaner on an inconspicuous area before applying to major areas. To minimize streaking, always clean from the bottom to the top and follow with a rinsing of clear water. Excessive scrubbing is unnecessary, can be harmful to the products, and may cause undesirable glossy areas over the finish.

Installation Questions

Can your product be installed on a chimney?

For the outside of a chimney our product is fine as long as your Chimney is built up to current building codes. Actually using our Hand-Laid Brick, Hand-Cut Stone or our Stacked Stone products creates a beautiful look.

Will your product hold up installed under ground level?

Covering our product with soil does not impact the product durability. What might be impacted is the surface coating, i.e. if chemicals such as fertilizer, weed – or insect control come in contact with our coating, it could potentially discolor the product and void the warranty. Please contact our Installation Advisor for further details on this type of installation.

How much waste should I calculate for my project?

5% waste is standard for long runs and walls with little cuts. Factor in approximately 10% for mansards, gables and other areas requiring more cuts.

How do I finish off my last tier of siding?

The final tier can be face nailed in an inconspicuous part of the panel. Exteria's J-Channel provides a clean, finished look.

What type of fastener do I use to install an Exteria panel?

The most commonly used fastener is a galvanized roofing nail or aluminum nail. Any type of non-corrosive nail or screw is acceptable so long as the head is larger than the panel's nailing hole. The size of your nail will vary job to job depending on the thickness of your materials. Your nail must penetrate a solid substrate by at least 1/2". It is recommended that the substrate itself be no less than 7/16" thick. ICC-ES and FBC have also approved the following fasteners: No. 10 Wood Screw; 3/16" ITW Tapcon Screw; No. 10 Metal Screw SAE Grade 5, Spaced Thread, 16 Threads Per Inch.

Can the siding be applied directly to studs?

No, a horizontal furring strip framework or solid substrate must be built to accommodate the appropriate nailing required by the installation instructions.

How do I treat inside corners?

A single or double J-channel can be used. Please contact our Installation Advisor for additional options with our Stacked Stone product line.

How do you cut the panels?

Best results can be achieved when panels are being cut using a table saw or circular saw. When cutting the panels, ensure that you follow the saw manufacturer's instructions. Power tools can be dangerous, please ensure the manufacturers safety instructions and operating instructions are followed. Our new RoughSawn Cedar EZ™ Single Course can be cut using standard metal snips.

Are the products painted?

No, not all of our products are painted. Our Masonry and Weathered Products have a proprietary coating applied during the manufacturing process. The Classic and Coastal Series are color through and no coating is applied.

Can I use a nail gun to install your product?


What is the wind load of your panel? ( Maybe change to: Are your panels Miami Dade Approved? )

Please refer to our Technical Information Sheet on our Website.

What is the difference between Injection Molded Product vs. Vinyl?

What application is used around windows and inside corners?


What is the mortar fill used for on Brick?

It is an acrylic caulk used to fill in the space between the cut panel and the individual corner.

What is the mortar used for on Stacked Stone Original and Stacked Stone Premium?

There is no use for caulking/mortar on our Stacked Stone products.

How do you remove a panel in the middle of the wall?

Please contact our Installation Advisor for detailed instructions.

What can be done to cover an exposed nail head?

Matching caulk or paint can be used.

Do I have to use your Starter Strip?

No, however if there is a problem with the siding that is caused by not using our Starter Strip the warranty will be voided.

Can your panels be installed in very cold and very hot weather?

Yes, extra precautions should be taken when installing in any extreme temperature.

How long has Exteria Building Products been in business?

Exteria Building Products have been in business since April 2009.

Can I install Exteria siding by myself?


How can I find a contractor to install my siding?

The best way to find anyone to work on your house is by word of mouth. Talk to friends, relatives and business associates who have had the same type of work done on their home. A local Distributor that sells Exteria Siding can also help find a contractor that is familiar with installing our product.

How much does it cost to side a home?

Because we offer a wide range of siding products it is very hard to answer this question. We would suggest you look for a siding contractor in your area, invite them over to accurately measure your specific job and discuss what other needs you may have. It is always a wise idea to obtain a few quotes for any job you may be contemplating.

Do I ever have to paint my siding?

The beauty of purchasing Exteria Siding is that it is almost maintenance free. All you have to do is wash it every few years – see "How do I clean my siding" above.