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When you’re shopping around for superior quality home siding products, Exteria’s line of gorgeous and realistic cedar, brick, and stone replicas will make sure your project looks and functions at its best. Our products cover a long list of colors and styles while providing the most authentic and realistic grain available in replica cedar shake and stone siding.

The benefits to Exteria siding products significantly outdistance the competition. Our team has gone the extra mile to develop cedar, stone and brick replica that far exceed the alternatives.

Realism and Authenticity – A key feature of Exteria siding materials is the craftsmanship that defines our unmatched authenticity. Using actual product to reproduce nature’s imperfect beauty creates the closest replica siding to actual cedar. Painstakingly crafted to the highest standards, our cedar and stone replica would make even Mother Nature proud.

Superior Price Point – Exteria gives you the look of real cedar, stone and brick at a fraction of the cost. Affordability combined with authenticity helps make Exteria replica siding the number one choice in the market.

Innovation, Reliability and Durability – Utilizing industry-leading technology and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to manufacture our cladding materials, Exteria has set the bar for realism, durability and affordability in replica home siding materials. Designed to outperform the competition on every level, Exteria home siding products deliver authentic, high-definition composite exteriors.

Environmentally Efficient – By choosing to build with Exteria replica siding, you can be confident you are making an environmentally sound choice. Our cedar replica siding products help protect a key natural resource by saving old-growth cedar forests. Less installation waste, lighter shipping and the ability to recycle our products also mean a much smaller overall impact on our environment. By reducing the environmental impact of our products from manufacturing to installation, we help you achieve a green home and harness the power of sustainable building for a better future. Join us in our commitment.

Breadth of Options – We know that designing your house means letting creativity flow and thanks to a wide range of design choices, finding the right siding for your project is always simple.

Top Notch Customer Support – If you ever need the help of professionals with years of experience in the business, our customer support and installation advisors are ready to answer any of your questions or provide expert advice.


So whether you’re a homeowner looking for the best home siding products or a contractor canvassing for the best replica cedar shake and stone cladding at affordable prices, look no further than Exteria.

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