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Blues Browns Grays Greens Reds Whites Yellows


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Adobe Clay - Exteria Building Products

Adobe Clay

Antique Gray - Exteria Building Products

Antique Gray
(Weathered White)

Appalachian Ash - Exteria Building Products

Appalachian Ash

Arizona Sandstone - Exteria Building Products

Arizona Sandstone

Ashwood Gray - Exteria Building Products

Ashwood Gray

Autumn Cedar - Exteria Building Products

Autumn Cedar

Barn Red - Exteria Building Products

Barn Red

BB2 Beige - Exteria Building Products

BB2 Beige
Compares to: Sandstone Beige

BB2 Blue - Exteria Building Products

BB2 Blue
Compares to: Pacific Blue

BB2 Cedar - Exteria Building Products

BB2 Cedar
Compares to: Mountain Cedar

BB2 Clay - Exteria Building Products

BB2 Clay
Compares to: Natural Clay

BB2 Cream - Exteria Building Products

BB2 Cream
Compares to: Heritage Cream

BB2 Earth - Exteria Building Products

BB2 Earth
Compares to: Hearthstone

BB2 Granite - Exteria Building Products

BB2 Granite
Compares to: Granite Gray

BB2 Grey Blue - Exteria Building Products

BB2 Grey Blue
Compares to: Flagstone

BB2 Ivy - Exteria Building Products

BB2 Ivy
Compares to: Ivy Green

BB2 Leather - Exteria Building Products

BB2 Leather
Compares to: Buckskin

BB2 Light Gray - Exteria Building Products

BB2 Light Gray
Compares to: Sterling Gray

BB2 Light Green - Exteria Building Products

BB2 Light Green
Compares to: Cypress

BB2 Maple - Exteria Building Products

BB2 Maple
Compares to: Light Maple

BB2 Medium Green - Exteria Building Products

BB2 Medium Green
Compares to: Spruce

BB2 Tan - Exteria Building Products

BB2 Tan
Compares to: Desert Tan

BB2 White - Exteria Building Products

BB2 White
Compares to: Colonial White

BB2 Wicker - Exteria Building Products

BB2 Wicker
Compares to: Savannah Wicker

Birchwood - Exteria Building Products


Bucks County Gray - Exteria Building Products

Bucks County Gray

Buff Blend - Exteria Building Products

Buff Blend

Cambridge - Exteria Building Products


Canary Yellow - Exteria Building Products

Canary Yellow

Canyon Gray - Exteria Building Products

Canyon Gray

CC3 Antique White - Exteria Building Products

CC3 Antique White
Compares to: Antique White

CC3 Brown - Exteria Building Products

CC3 Brown
Compares to: Pueblo

CC3 Caramel - Exteria Building Products

CC3 Caramel
Compares to: Camel

CC3 Clay - Exteria Building Products

CC3 Clay
Compares to: Clay

CC3 Coffee - Exteria Building Products

CC3 Coffee
Compares to: Mocha

CC3 Concrete Gray - Exteria Building Products

CC3 Concrete Gray
Compares to: Pewter

CC3 Cream - Exteria Building Products

CC3 Cream
Compares to: Heritage Cream

CC3 Earth - Exteria Building Products

CC3 Earth
Compares to: Canyon

CC3 Fog - Exteria Building Products

CC3 Fog
Compares to: Mist

CC3 Golden Tan - Exteria Building Products

CC3 Golden Tan
Compares to: Harvest Wheat

CC3 Gray - Exteria Building Products

CC3 Gray
Compares to: Gray

CC3 Moss - Exteria Building Products

CC3 Moss
Compares to: Aspen

CC3 Natural Gray - Exteria Building Products

CC3 Natural Gray
Compares to: Everest

CC3 Nautical Blue - Exteria Building Products

CC3 Nautical Blue
Compares to: Nautica

CC3 Parchment - Exteria Building Products

CC3 Parchment
Compares to: Birchwood

CC3 Sage - Exteria Building Products

CC3 Sage
Compares to: Sage

CC3 Sandcastle - Exteria Building Products

CC3 Sandcastle
Compares to: Sandalwood

CC3 Stone - Exteria Building Products

CC3 Stone
Compares to: Stone

CC3 White - Exteria Building Products

CC3 White
Compares to: White

Char Brown - Exteria Building Products

Char Brown

Chestnut Brown - Exteria Building Products

Chestnut Brown

Chestnut Hills - Exteria Building Products

Chestnut Hills

Classic White - Exteria Building Products

Classic White

Coastal Brown - Exteria Building Products

Coastal Brown

Coastal Cedar - Exteria Building Products

Coastal Cedar

Coastal Clay - Exteria Building Products

Coastal Clay

Colonial White - Exteria Building Products

Colonial White

Coral Red - Exteria Building Products

Coral Red

Cottage White - Exteria Building Products

Cottage White
(Classic White)

Cypress Green - Exteria Building Products

Cypress Green

DD4 Beige - Exteria Building Products

DD4 Beige
Compares to: Driftwood

DD4 Cedar - Exteria Building Products

DD4 Cedar
Compares to: Natural Cedar

DD4 Clay - Exteria Building Products

DD4 Clay
Compares to: Pebble Clay

DD4 Cream - Exteria Building Products

DD4 Cream
Compares to: Vintage Cream

DD4 Cypress - Exteria Building Products

DD4 Cypress
Compares to: Cypress

DD4 Heather - Exteria Building Products

DD4 Heather
Compares to: Heather

DD4 Light Gray - Exteria Building Products

DD4 Light Gray
Compares to: Sterling

DD4 Maple - Exteria Building Products

DD4 Maple
Compares to: Soft Maple

DD4 Medium Gray - Exteria Building Products

DD4 Medium Gray
Compares to: Victorian Gray

DD4 Sand - Exteria Building Products

DD4 Sand
Compares to: Sand

DD4 Walnut - Exteria Building Products

DD4 Walnut
Compares to: Walnut

DD4 Wicker - Exteria Building Products

DD4 Wicker
Compares to: Wicker

Denim Blue - Exteria Building Products

Denim Blue

Desert Buff - Exteria Building Products

Desert Buff

Desert Clay - Exteria Building Products

Desert Clay

Desert Sand - Exteria Building Products

Desert Sand

Desert Sunset - Exteria Building Products

Desert Sunset

Dover - Exteria Building Products


Driftwood Gray - Exteria Building Products

Driftwood Gray
(Ashwood Gray)

Dry Creek - Exteria Building Products

Dry Creek

Edgemont - Exteria Building Products


EE5 Artichoke - Exteria Building Products

EE5 Artichoke
Compares to: Cypress

EE5 Avalanche - Exteria Building Products

EE5 Avalanche
Compares to: Aspen White

EE5 Barley - Exteria Building Products

EE5 Barley
Compares to: Rye

EE5 Cashew - Exteria Building Products

EE5 Cashew
Compares to: Wheat

EE5 Cashmere - Exteria Building Products

EE5 Cashmere
Compares to: Saddle

EE5 Castle - Exteria Building Products

EE5 Castle
Compares to: Greystone

EE5 Cognac - Exteria Building Products

EE5 Cognac
Compares to: Desert

EE5 Cork - Exteria Building Products

EE5 Cork
Compares to: Clay

EE5 Country Oak - Exteria Building Products

EE5 Country Oak
Compares to: Country Beige

EE5 Espresso - Exteria Building Products

EE5 Espresso
Compares to: Expresso

EE5 Iceberg - Exteria Building Products

EE5 Iceberg
Compares to: Harbor Blue

EE5 Ivory - Exteria Building Products

EE5 Ivory
Compares to: Bone

EE5 Latte - Exteria Building Products

EE5 Latte
Compares to: Mocha

EE5 Macadamia - Exteria Building Products

EE5 Macadamia
Compares to: Pearl

EE5 Platinum - Exteria Building Products

EE5 Platinum
Compares to: Driftwood

Eggshell - Exteria Building Products


FF6 Anchor Gray - Exteria Building Products

FF6 Anchor Gray
Compares to: Harbor Gray (Mastic) or Cottage Gray (Variform)

FF6 Beach - Exteria Building Products

FF6 Beach
Compares to: Wicker (Mastic) or Sandy Tan (Variform)

FF6 Canyon - Exteria Building Products

FF6 Canyon
Compares to: Rugged Canyon (Mastic) or Briarwood (Variform)

FF6 Crème - Exteria Building Products

FF6 Crème
Compares to: Classic Cream

FF6 Green Fern - Exteria Building Products

FF6 Green Fern
Compares to: Lake Show Fern (Mastic) or Mediterranean Palm (Variform)

FF6 Green Gray - Exteria Building Products

FF6 Green Gray
Compares to: Misty Shadow (Mastic) or Twilight Shadow (Variform)

FF6 Morning Mist - Exteria Building Products

FF6 Morning Mist
Compares to: Silver Gray (Mastic) or Georgian Gray (Variform)

FF6 Olive Green - Exteria Building Products

FF6 Olive Green
Compares to: Tuscan Olive (Mastic) or Spanish Olive (Variform)

FF6 Pecan - Exteria Building Products

FF6 Pecan
Compares to: Almond (Mastic) or Natural Almond (Variform)

FF6 Red Clay - Exteria Building Products

FF6 Red Clay
Compares to: Russet Red (Mastic) or Sedona Red (Variform)

FF6 Riverbed - Exteria Building Products

FF6 Riverbed
Compares to: Pebblestone Clay (Mastic) or Stone Mountain Clay (Variform)

FF6 Sea Haze - Exteria Building Products

FF6 Sea Haze
Compares to: English Wedgewood (Mastic) or Wedgewood (Variform)

FF6 Snow - Exteria Building Products

FF6 Snow
Compares to: White (Mastic) or Dover White (Variform)

FF6 Spanish Moss - Exteria Building Products

FF6 Spanish Moss
Compares to: Scottish Thistle (Mastic) or Irish Thistle (Variform)

FF6 Stone Gray - Exteria Building Products

FF6 Stone Gray
Compares to: Deep Granite (Mastic) or Pewter (Variform)

FF6 Straw - Exteria Building Products

FF6 Straw
Compares to: Sandtone

FF6 Suede - Exteria Building Products

FF6 Suede
Compares to: Montana Suede (Mastic) or Teak (Variform)

FF6 Vanilla - Exteria Building Products

FF6 Vanilla
Compares to: Cameo (Mastic) or Island Pearl (Variform)

FF6 Vintage Gray - Exteria Building Products

FF6 Vintage Gray
Compares to: Victorian Gray (Mastic) or Flint (Variform)

FF6 Willow - Exteria Building Products

FF6 Willow
Compares to: Quiet Willow (Mastic) or Sagebrook (Variform)

Flagstone Blue - Exteria Building Products

Flagstone Blue

Forest Green - Exteria Building Products

Forest Green

Glacier White - Exteria Building Products

Glacier White

Golden Montana - Exteria Building Products

Golden Montana

Granite Gray - Exteria Building Products

Granite Gray
(Slate Gray)

Harvest Cedar - Exteria Building Products

Harvest Cedar
(Natural Cedar)

Khaki - Exteria Building Products


Lewiston Crest - Exteria Building Products

Lewiston Crest

Mojave - Exteria Building Products


Mountain Ash - Exteria Building Products

Mountain Ash

Mountain Red - Exteria Building Products

Mountain Red

Natural Cedar - Exteria Building Products

Natural Cedar

Newport Cedar - Exteria Building Products

Newport Cedar

Pale Yellow - Exteria Building Products

Pale Yellow

Potters Clay - Exteria Building Products

Potters Clay
(Desert Clay)

Prairie Cream - Exteria Building Products

Prairie Cream

Red Blend - Exteria Building Products

Red Blend

Rocky Mountain Clay - Exteria Building Products

Rocky Mountain Clay

Rustic Cabin - Exteria Building Products

Rustic Cabin

Rustic Rock - Exteria Building Products

Rustic Rock

Santa Fe - Exteria Building Products

Santa Fe

Sawgrass - Exteria Building Products


Seaside Gray - Exteria Building Products

Seaside Gray

Sedona Bluff - Exteria Building Products

Sedona Bluff

Shadow Ridge - Exteria Building Products

Shadow Ridge

Sierra Brown - Exteria Building Products

Sierra Brown

Slate Gray - Exteria Building Products

Slate Gray

Sunset Cedar - Exteria Building Products

Sunset Cedar
(Traditional Cedar)

Traditional Cedar - Exteria Building Products

Traditional Cedar
(Sunset Cedar)

Used Buff - Exteria Building Products

Used Buff

Used Red - Exteria Building Products

Used Red

Weathered White - Exteria Building Products

Weathered White

Wheat - Exteria Building Products


Wicker - Exteria Building Products


Williamsburg - Exteria Building Products


Winter White - Exteria Building Products

Winter White

*Royal Building Products™, Exterior Portfolio™, Mastic™, Variform™, CertainTeed™, and Heartland™ products and trademarks are not affiliated with Exteria Building Products.

Colors may shift due to the limitations of your computer, display, or software. Please review actual product samples prior to making your purchase.

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What Can Stone Do for You?

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Checking It Twice: Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Protect Your Investment Now—and Thank Yourself Later Winter is coming, and it can be unforgiving, to say the least. Between the frigid winds and slippery ice, it seems like Mother Nature couldn’t care less about your exterior. And so, it’s up to you to defend your home from the harsh elements. Our realistic cedar shakes […]

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6 Popular Brick Walkway Patterns

Using brick to create pathways rather than the traditional concrete sidewalk can be both beautiful and practical. Brick provides an opportunity to add a personal touch to your home, with its wide range of colors, which can be laid out in a variety of different patterns. Additionally, brick is a long-lasting and low maintenance material. […]

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Beautify Your Home with a DIY Vertical Garden

One of the best ways to enhance the visual appeal of your home is through vertical gardening. Using any wall, stretch of fence, or vertical structure, you can define a space, provide privacy, or hide an unappealing view. Additionally, you receive the benefits of growing your own flowers or edibles, improving the air quality and […]

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How To Make Your Exterior Fall-Friendly

Make Your Home One of A Kind With These Seasonal Tips Fall is a wonderful season that seems to come and go far too quickly. As your neighborhood comes to life with colorful leaves and pumpkins galore, consider spicing up your exterior. Our home siding products in New Jersey, New York and across the nation […]

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Sep 28, 2016

Why it Matters How You Feel About Your Home

According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Science, “mental stress is increasingly recognized as an environmental contributor to disease burden in many parts of the world. One way people try to reduce mental stress is through features of the built environment. When people rate aspects of their environment highly, there really is a chance […]

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Sep 16, 2016

Out of the Woods: The Adaptability of Composite Cedar

See How Our Cedar Shingles Go the Distance Back in the 17th century, home exteriors revolved around one main purpose: survival. As they struggled to endure New England’s brutal winters, early American settlers valued cedar as a sturdy roofing option. Leveraging cedar’s durability and cutting qualities, the pilgrims were able to persevere. Today, homeowners cherish […]

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Sep 6, 2016

Smart September Home Freshening and Maintenance Tips

Smart September Home Freshening and Maintenance Tips It’s September, a time for back to school and cooler weather. The season’s temperature and color changes call for some freshening of your home’s exterior too. Add some color, fix things up, and upgrade your home’s curb appeal. We’ve put together some small changes that will make a […]

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Aug 29, 2016

8 Great Reasons to Install New Siding on Your Home

8 Great Reasons to Install New Siding on Your Home One of the largest investments you’ll make during your lifetime is your home. You’ll want to protect your investment by making sure that it remains in good condition, and maintains its value and curb appeal. One of the best ways to enhance your home’s value […]

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Aug 24, 2016

Key Steps to Finding and Hiring a Quality Contractor

Key Steps to Finding and Hiring a Quality Contractor When undertaking a remodeling project for your home, there are many things to consider. Chief among them is finding the right contractor for the job.. Of course, in order to find a quality contractor to complete the job, it’s essential to know the right questions to […]

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Aug 8, 2016

The Marvel of Masonry

Turn Your Ordinary Exterior into a Standout Sensation First came man, and then came masonry. For centuries, humans have used stone and brick for shelter and protection. Today, homeowners value these natural materials as a way to connect with nature. Curious as to how you can enhance your exterior with masonry products? Take a look […]

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By Sara Belote

Jul 30, 2016

How The Color You Choose Can Affect The Way You Feel

How The Color You Choose Can Affect The Way You Feel According to one study, it takes only a minute and a half for people to make a subconscious judgment about an environment, and up to 90% of that assessment is based solely on color. Becoming aware of how color can affect mood is important […]

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By Sara Belote

Jul 19, 2016

Creating a Durable, Long-Lasting Outdoor Space Using Composite Materials

Creating a Durable, Long-Lasting Outdoor Space Using Composite Materials Summer is here and it’s time for dining al fresco, backyard barbeques and enjoyable evenings with friends and family outdoors. When planning an outdoor area, begin by creating zones. Establish sections for cooking, dining and relaxing in the same way as an indoor area of a […]

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By Sara Belote

Jul 18, 2016

Choosing Colors that Work Well Together for Your Home’s Exterior

When it comes to choosing the colors for your home’s exterior, you may be wondering where to begin. Finding hues that work well together can impact not only the way you feel about your home, but also its value. With all the colors available it may seem like a daunting task. That’s why we have […]

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By Sara Belote

Jul 5, 2016

Using Ageless Stacked Stone Composite to Modernize a Home

Using Ageless Stacked Stone Composite to Modernize a Home The look of stacked stone can add a refined and sophisticated element to the appearance of a home. Its simple yet elegant appearance adds warmth to sleek, modern designs and is right at home in the mixed materials movement that is now prevalent in residential design. […]

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By Sara Belote

Jun 29, 2016

Learn How to Never Paint Again Using Cedar Shake

Learn How to Never Paint Again Using Cedar Shake When considering a refresh of your home’s exterior most often the biggest and most overwhelming decision is what color paint to choose. With Exteria’s cedar shake portfolio you can find the perfect color that matches your unique style and personality from a portfolio of over 100 […]

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By Sara Belote

Jun 22, 2016

Choosing Siding – The Value of Synthetic/Composite Materials

What are the advantages and things to consider when choosing composite siding for the exterior of your home? In addition to its appearance, you may ask which siding will last longer, which one is more eco-friendly, and which one is more affordable to install and maintain. In short, products made from polypropylene are considered to […]

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By Sara Belote

Jun 22, 2016

Eight Ways To Keep Pests Out of Your Home This Summer

With summer fun getting underway, backyard BBQs, pool parties, and visitors making their way over, you may also see an increase in pesky household pests. As the heat turns up, bugs will seek food and shelter and if your house is exposed they will surely be on the invite list. As with most issues, prevention […]

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By Sara Belote

Feb 19, 2016

What Sets Exteria Apart? – Curb Appeal

How do you set yourself apart in a world full of cookie-cutter homes and curbside mediocrity? How can you find a way to make a statement and make your neighbors jealous while expressing your unique sense of individuality and creativity? How do you create curb appeal? Exteria can help with that! Exteria Building Products provides […]

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By Sara Belote

Jan 24, 2016

Answers to FAQ’s – Get to know Exteria Building Products inside and out

Is Exteria siding easy to install, and could I install it myself? Yes, it is easy to install and here is a video demonstrating a general method for installing Exteria Building products. Can Exteria Siding be used in other applications, other than just the exterior siding of a home? Yes, Exteria siding is both attractive […]

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By Sara Belote

Jan 13, 2016

Tailor and architecturally finish your raised garden beds with Exteria Siding

  The holidays have come and passed. It’s time to shred the Christmas tree and add it to the compost bin for the spring gardening season. If you’re a gardener it’s time to start ordering seeds, the most practical thing to do is start planning your fruit and vegetable plots. Decide if you need raised […]

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By Sara Belote

Dec 10, 2015

Happy Holidays! Treat yourself and those you love.

Christmas is coming and it is almost here! This time only comes but once a year, start making your list and checking it twice. It’s the season for giving and receiving, a time for fun, good will and cheer. Here are 10 gift ideas for the ones you hold most dear: New  Paslode CS150 CapStapler Housewrap […]

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By Sara Belote

Dec 9, 2015

Stunning Wreaths for the Holidays

Wreaths are much more than just a pretty decoration. Some would say the wreath is the symbol of peace due to its shape. The circle is a universal form with extensive meaning. It represents the notions of balance, inclusion, infinity, and wholeness. It’s a beautiful way to highlight your home, hang it on the front […]

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By Sara Belote

Nov 28, 2015

Let there be light! Create visual focal points at night.

The holidays are usually a time when we make our homes sparkle, when the indoors and outdoors of our homes are lit and decorated with beautiful festive lighting. However exterior architectural and landscape lighting is a home improvement that is often overlooked and it’s one of the least-obstructive design projects you can undertake. Landscape lighting […]

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By Sara Belote

Nov 20, 2015

Button up your home and stay nice and toasty this winter

Did you know most public utilities will offer home energy audits (energy assessments) and recommendations for free to their customers? A home energy audit is of great benefit, it can tell you how much power your home uses, and helps identify problem areas in your home where energy is being lost. Plus, it’s one of […]

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By Sara Belote

Oct 28, 2015

Wickedly Cool Ways to Decorate with Pumpkins

Here are some beautiful ways to showcase your pumpkins and decorate for the fall season. Decorating with pumpkins can be done to blend with any décor based on the style of containers, the design and features; it’s all about personal preference. We hope these posh looking pumpkins will inspire some fall decorating ideas and themes […]

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By Sara Belote

Oct 24, 2015

Fire Pit Safety Tips: Keep your family, friends and home safe

Temperatures are dropping and with the chilly air blowing in there are many opportunities to cozy up to warm pumpkin spiced lattes, time to gaze at the stars all snuggled up in soft blankets, while also enjoying the warm, soothing and crackling sounds of wood burning from the fire-pit. Its fall and it’s the perfect […]

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By Exteria

Aug 12, 2015

Protect Your Siding From Plant and Tree Damage

It’s important to maintain and upkeep your home year round. Conduct regular visual inspections. Check for any tangled trees, if trees and shrubs are too close to siding, damage is likely, be on the lookout for unkempt bushes which obscure the views, promote mold and block the beautiful exterior features of your home. A well-maintained […]

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By Exteria

Jul 31, 2015

What Does the Color of Your Front Door Say About You?

At Exteria, we’re all about curb appeal! And right now, there is a great trend in bold front doors. Based on the hues you choose, it can showcase a glimpse of your personality. A sensational color on your front door is another way to personalize your home and instantly charms your family, friends and neighbors. […]

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By Exteria

Jul 25, 2015

Before You Climb a Ladder, Think Safety!

According to a recent comparison study, “U.S. Construction Worker Fall Accidents: There Causes and Influential Factors” (2014) findings were construction work on new projects or new additions continue to be more vulnerable to falls. Specialty trade contractors were found to be more susceptible to fall accidents and they continue to contribute to the majority of […]

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By Exteria

Jul 23, 2015

Building Big Dreams in a Tiny House

When building a tiny house, first thing which comes to mind is the interior design and function of the space. We believe the exterior of a house is equally important no matter the size of the home. Building a tiny house can have great design and be beautifully built; the exterior of your house is […]

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By Exteria

Jul 16, 2015

Revitalize Your Home for Outdoor Entertaining This Summer!

Fresh cut grass, flowers blooming and warm summer days; summer is officially here! From neighborhood bbq’s to play dates by the pool, there’s always a great reason to spend some time out in nature. With the summer splendor outside, it’s time to refresh your home exterior, too. Exteria Building Products can help welcome your guests […]

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By Exteria

Jul 13, 2015

Home Siding Color Trends for Summer 2015

Choosing a new color palette for your home’s exterior can be aesthetically transforming. The selection process can be exciting, daunting and very personal, but the end result will be well worth it! Here are the latest trends in color for 2015. Bold, dark, deep and dramatic; they are colors that deliver punch and drama. Harvest […]

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By Exteria

Jul 10, 2015

Clever Tools of the Trade: Laser Tape Measure

Whether it is a new siding installation or replacement work; in these types of applications it requires measurement. A calculation, a takeoff and doing a materials list is just a few of the basic components needed to estimate a siding job. If there is one tool which has withstood the test of time, it would […]

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By Exteria

May 28, 2015

Home Maintenance Checklist for Summer

As you might know, each season requires a new set of maintenance tasks for your home. Summer time is the perfect environment for home improvement projects that require you to get your hands dirty – just be sure to stay cool and hydrated! Below are some general home maintenance tasks to add to your to-do […]

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By Exteria

May 14, 2015

Five Benefits of Exteria Siding

Are you thinking of increasing your curb appeal and redoing the exterior of your home this spring? Explore these five benefits that Exteria siding has to offer: Quick and easy installation: Even though we encourage you to have your siding professionally installed, the fact of the matter is our siding has quickly become one of […]

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By Exteria

Apr 30, 2015

What is the Exteria Siding Product Made of and How is it Manufactured?

Our replica products are made from durable, mineral-filled Polypropylene. But what is polypropylene exactly? It’s one of the world’s safest, most versatile polymers used in both residential and commercial construction. We choose to use this base because it’s able to withstand the elements and look great for years to come. People often ask us how […]

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By Exteria

Apr 30, 2015

Five Ways to Use Natural ingredients for Cleaning

Natural cleaning options can save time, money and reduce chemical exposure to you and your family. Use these simple tips to tackle countless chores using common household items: Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping Lemon juice to remove stains: Lemons are one the best all natural cleaners! To remove tough food stains from wood and plastic cutting […]

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By Exteria

Apr 30, 2015

The Importance of Curb Appeal

We all know the phrase, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and when it comes to your home, it still holds true. Your home’s exterior should demonstrate a pride in ownership and of course, it’s never a bad thing to own the most gorgeous house on the block. Curb Appeal, […]

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By Exteria

Apr 30, 2015

How Do I Clean My Exteria Siding?

One of the awesome features about adding Exteria Building Products siding to your home is that it is VERY low maintenance. We recommend that you clean your siding on an annual basis to remove dirt or mildew; or more often if you see the need. When washing your Exteria Building Products siding, DO NOT use […]

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1 Comment

By Exteria

Apr 29, 2015

The Benefits of Green Building to Homeowners

  What exactly does it mean to live in a “green” home? According to the U.S. Green Building Council, “Generally, green homes are healthier, more comfortable, more durable, and more energy efficient and have a much smaller environmental footprint than conventional homes.” By living in a green home, you’re greatly benefitting our environment, community and […]

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By Exteria

Dec 19, 2014

Why Installing Home Siding Isn’t as Challenging as You Think

Installing exterior siding may sound like a daunting job, but it’s actually far easier than you might think. Most siding products are available in thin tongue-and-groove sheets or in flat buttress styles that are overlaid with thin battens to cover the seams. You can also purchase 4 X 8 rectangular sheets if you want to […]

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By Exteria

Sep 10, 2014

Color and Styles for Home Exterior Inspirations

The exterior of a home is like the cover of a book. It attracts and inspires instantly. With the variety of home styles today, color plays a significant role in curb appeal. New homes are built in a semi-traditional estate style. Older homes may be ultra modern or traditional in style. The color of home […]

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